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HR Policy

Set up a scientific HR policy and establish a system for the evaluation of work
We pay great attention to the construction of a management team and a scientific and technological talent team, implement the talent strategy and build a high-quality talent team so as to improve long-term and high-efficiency operating ability of the company. We also focus on introduction of high-level talents on materials, machinery, marketing, management, etc. and plan to train senior talents among our employees.
We build and improve the human resource selection and promotion mechanism and are based on proper use of talents to make various plans for introducing and training talents; and surrounding the four links of talent absorption, talent training, talent keeping and better use of talents, we don’t care much for education background, professional title and experience and expand the vision for selecting and using talents;
We set up a scientific human resource philosophy taking capability orientation as a base and performance orientation as a core. We build and improve the human resource evaluation system, set up an evaluation method for scientific talent, technical talent and management talent based on their performance and design the promotion and development channel and the withdrawal system for various professionals.
We build and improve an inside distribution system, set up the distribution excitation mechanism suitable for the development of the company on the basis of contribution, and design the evaluation and excitation methods matched with the distribution system. We break the frame and make all employees fully show their potentials.
Build a talent team with solid professional knowledge, rich working experience and excellent innovating ability.
Train and own a group of technical experts with high level of expertise, good innovating ability and great influence on related industries; keep the proportion of the R&D team at nearly 8%; and build a backbone management team capable of meeting the requirements on international marketing and market economy. Train and forge a group of integrated management talents, form an excellent management team which consist of not less than 50 people and have awareness of unexpected development, crisis awareness and the pioneering spirit and are honest and upright; and build a marketing team with certain professional knowledge and relatively high market-developing ability. Widely conduct training and education on marketing knowledge, production and use technology and law and regulation knowledge for marketing staff to improve their professional ethics and market-developing ability, and try to increase the proportion of marketing staff to more than 5% within three years; and build a technical worker team which has rich practical experience and is good at many things and experts in one. Widely conduct on-the-job training and “one specificity multi-skills” training for technical workers so as to enrich their practical experience, ensure that the proportion of various technicians mastering multiple skills reaches 15%, of which, 5% are senior technicians, and ensure that proportion of “one specificity multi-skills” staff against the technical workers is more than 30%.

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