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Recruitment Information

Nanchang Cemented Carbide Limited Liability Company originates from the Nanchang Cemented Carbide Plant established in 1966. It underwent the separation reform on May 18, 2003 and was controlled by China Minmetals Non-ferrous Metals Co. of China Minmetals Corporation to establish the Nanchang Cemented Carbide Limited Liability Company. In 2006, by capital increase and share expansion, it introduced the strategic investor - Japan Tungaloy Corporation (one of the most internationally advanced cemented carbide enterprises). It is located in the National Economic and Technological Development Zone of Nanchang City, occupying a land of 270,000m2 and surrounded by many universities and colleges, so it enjoys beautiful environment and convenient traffic. The rapidly rising NCC will open its mind to welcome all persons with lofty ideals to join us, and we will provide wide development space for you.
Benefits: two days off per week, 8-hour working time per day, annual leave, family leave, marriage and funeral, legal holidays, etc.; holiday allowance on Dragon Boat Festival, Middle Autumn Festival and Spring Festival and attendance bonus, safety allowance, general manager special allowance, etc. distributed at the end of the year; five insurances and housing fund; lunch subsidy, and accommodation, shuttle bus, etc.
Registration Way: Deliver your resume to the mail box of the company by Internet or directly go to the HR department of the company for interview.
Contact Telephone: 86-791-83888004
Contact Person: Mr. Xu
Add: 1173, Shuanggang East Avenue, Nanchang (Take the bus No. 223, 211,703 or 124 and get off at the Jiangxi University of Science and Technology Station.)

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