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General Manager’s Speech

General Manager’s Speech

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Honorable customers and colleagues:
Nanchang Cemented Carbide Limited Liability Company (NCC) displays a vigorous new cemented carbide manufacturer for customers and colleagues via website.
Founded in May 1966, the company successfully reformed the form of ownership in May 2003. Under the guidance of the advanced management philosophy of China Minmetals Corporation, it actively explores the new management model and operating mechanisms, meanwhile, wholeheartedly pushes ahead with technological improvement and innovation. Over the past five years, it invested about RMB 200 million to introduce the world advanced equipment and technology and set up three production lines at domestically leading technological level on precision (deep) processing of tungsten products and cemented carbide. All of these help the company make a rapid development. Under the scientific concept of development, the growing company strives for establishing a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. It will carry on the enterprising spirit of China Minmetals Corporation of “Profession, Credit, Innovation, Cooperation” while appreciating the limited and creating the unlimited. Depending on the platform of China Minmetals Corporation, it tries to forge the top enterprise in deep-processing of tungsten in order to create more economic returns to the shareholders, bring more and more benefits to the employees, produce more interests to the customers, and contribute more wealth to the society.
General Manager: haiyan.Cai

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